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This quarter, in our Employee Spotlight, we interviewed Paul Fuller, Service Program Manager at Lifeline, a Connect America company. As Service Program Manager, Paul works closely with cross-functional development teams to manage projects and resources for new products and services. Learn more about Paul’s role and what he likes most about working at Lifeline in his spotlight interview below:

Describe your background and how you came to Lifeline.

I started my career as a Research Chemist developing and testing sensors, membranes, and reagents for blood gas analyzers and co-oximeters. This experience led me to various roles within the medical device industry, including the VP of Operations at a private medical device company and later founding a medical device company that designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes blood sampling and drug delivery devices worldwide.

Afterward, I worked through an outside agency on a quality management system migration project for Lifeline and was later offered a position as a Program Manager. Managing projects involving electrical, mechanical, cellular, and radio frequency (RF) technologies has been very exciting.

What does a day in your role look like?

Typically, I am working on multiple projects at a time. Often, the cross-functional development teams are made up of internal and external resources, so I am actively communicating with them throughout the day to keep the project teams aligned. This involves facilitating meetings, documenting team action items, and resolving project issues. I meet with management to provide status updates, resolve issues, and discuss resources. I also prepare presentations and project documents, update project schedules, and troubleshoot.

What motivates you at work? What do you enjoy the most?

The opportunity to work with incredible, intelligent, and talented individuals. Also, I love being challenged and learning new things.

Is there a particular project you are most proud of during your time here?

Each project I have managed at Lifeline has had its challenges, but meeting those challenges, learning new things, and getting our products to our customers is the most rewarding.

The On the Go Plus was a challenging project. There were unique systems integrations, various systems testing, and changes, all within a short timeline that ran into the holidays. The team worked long days and weekends. In the end, we launched on time with a quality product that met the needs of our customers. I believe the whole team is proud of this project.

What would you want our customers or healthcare partners to know about Lifeline?

I have been with Lifeline for six years. Although the business has been through many changes, the people here all have the same passion, dedication, and absolute pride in their work. They always put the customer experience before everything that they do. I often hear during development meetings, “This is the experience I would want for my loved one.”

Lifeline is a good organization, and we care about our customers and their experience.

Tell us something people may not know about you.

I have a lot of different hobbies and talents. I love spending time with my family and riding my motorcycle with my wife. I do a lot of home improvement and building projects, and I have also restored several classic vehicles.

To learn more about Lifeline, a Connect America company, click here.


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